How can testosterone can help in bodybuilding

Alpha males are known to wield power. In both animals and human beings they tend to take space, they always want to expand; this is a display of dominance and strength and it happens because their bodies tend to influence their minds. This behavior is different from that displayed by less powerful animals and humans; they always want to make themselves small by reducing their size. These two behaviors show the difference in the physiological and psychological characteristics of these two types of beings.

Physiologically, there are variations in two important hormones: testosterone, the power hormone, and cortisol, the stress hormone. Alpha males tend to have high testosterone and very low cortisol, and this influences how they carry out their activities, their body muscles, and their power and dominance tendencies.

Testosterone is the key hormone that drives muscle growth. This androgenic hormone commonly found in men can also be taken through anabolic steroids. In women testosterone is secreted by the ovaries and adrenal glands though not in large quantities as in males and these accounts for the difference in muscle strength in women and men. Here are some functions of testosterone in our body.

Muscle building

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone that counters the effects of the catabolic cortisol which is the stress hormone that impedes muscle development and growth. Unlike cortisol which disintegrates the proteins in our muscle for use by our body during stressful times, testosterone, just like other growth hormones, builds up the muscles. A high level of testosterone will result in a decrease in cortisol by significant amounts thereby countering the catabolic effect of stress hormone.

Increase red blood cell count and blood volume

Red blood cells are essential in distributing oxygen around our body which helps in oxidation of lactic acid and other toxic radicals within our muscles. A high testosterone build up is essential in building our strength. By enabling the production of more red blood cells, testosterone gives you the power to exercise more and push your limits thus attaining optimal muscle growth.

Increase in basal metabolic rate

Testosterone influences metabolic rate and therefore body structure in men. This increases the lean body mass by helping in burning of excessive fat. High testosterone promotes activity in men and therefore strength and vitality. In addition it increases calcium retention in bones and therefore stronger bones

The bottom line, testosterone is an essential hormone that increases body power, activity and muscle building. Moreover, it also helps to counter cardiovascular and diabetes diseases.

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