Exercises to boost testosterone levels

To increase the levels of testosterone naturally, a number of exercises are essential for this process. Raising the body’s production of testosterone requires someone to do cardiovascular exercises. This involves loosing the excess body fats. Fat deposits support the formation of estrogen, a hormone that prevents the production of testosterone. The body will therefore accumulate fat, rather than break it down. You should counterbalance this by doing cardiovascular exercises like running, cycling, swimming, stair climbing or rowing. The exercises aids in keeping the body fat low. Effective cardio exercise takes 45 minutes duration done once or twice a week.

Getting enough sleep is a good exercise that boosts testosterone levels. Not only does the sleep recover you from the training, but also it facilitates hormones responsible for building muscles such as growth hormones and testosterone high. Enough sleep gives you enough energy and higher hormone levels vital for muscle building. Having sex regularly once in a week in a week is a good exercise that boosts testosterone. Regular ejaculation boosts testosterone levels in your body, which in turn works on the endocrine system, aiding to maintaining it primed.

Weight lifting enhances muscle growth by tearing down muscle tissue and in turn letting the body to repair it. Weight lifting again raises the levels of testosterone in your body in that period just after the gym. Research done have proved that multi joint moves with heavy waits for few rounds boosts testosterone compared to other weight and rep schemes. For effective results, weight training should be done 4-5 days a week and the duration of the training should be 60-75 minutes.

Olympic lifts also increase the level of testosterone. Olympic lifts involves a series of power lifts that stimulate production of testosterone and the growth hormones. The power workouts includes, front squats, dead lifts, bench press and upright rowing.

Remember to avoid over training in order to maintain your cardio moderate. Perform cardio exercises at a low pace such as easy jog and fast pace walk on the treadmill. Duration of the exercise should not exceed 30-45 minutes and should be repeated not more than four times a week.

Proper diet also improves the level of testosterone in our bodies. You should be familiar with the foods that increase testosterone or decrease it. It is important that you observe your diet to make sure that the food you eat boosts your testosterone level.

You should schedule some days off the gym for recovery purposes. Regularly, on non-workout days it is a good idea to let your body have a full day of recovery with no weightlifting, cardio exercise or any other stressful forms of activity. Plan at least one of these every week. You can use other recovery techniques such as massage or acupuncture on rest days, which may further help boost testosterone levels by encouraging recovery that is more efficient.

By doing the above exercises, your testosterone level will be elevated to normal levels. This will guarantee you well being, increased energy, high libido and superior athletic performance.