Fenugreek and Testosterone

Body builders all over the world have been trying hard to get proper supplements so as to maintain their macho look. But the fact is there are so many supplements out there in the market and it have become very hard to choose a specific product. What is worse is while they do help in maintaining and strengthening the muscles, they have their side effects too, the most common of which is impotency.

But is there any true supplement that can help you increase the testosterone that strengthens your muscle fibers. Well even though not much has been researched and there are a few who would vote against it, you should know of “fenugreek”

Trigonella foenum graecum the scientific term of fenugreek, is a popular herb mostly found in the Arab regions and India , Fenugreek has been in medicinal use from a very long time and is commonly used in ayurveda .Fenugreek has hen used to serve various purposes . Fenugreek tea is recommended for new mothers for milk production, it is a good cure for diabetes, and is known to decrease fat mass and above all it helps to increase testosterone to very high levels.

Studies have shown that consumption of fenugreek have helped increase muscle strength and increase libido without any change in mood or any sleeping behavior. In conclusion Fenugreek helps maintain natural healthy levels of testosterone.

It has also been established that it works better with a mix if other elements such as zinc and magnesium. Some examples of such supplements are testofuel , pharma freak testfreak , and testogen.

As said earlier, even though some studies show the positive effect on testosterone, there are some who like to believe in the negative side.

And what is its negative side?

Well fenugreek while increasing testosterone levels, have shown to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Now DHT is as most medical experts believe the principal androgen behind the development of hair, genitals and other masculine features. A lower level of DHT means hair loss, and problems in genitals which can lead to impotency in extreme cases.

Another serious concern is the dosage .it is said that a consumption of 500-600 mg is necessary to maintain good levels of testosterone for normal healthy body but of course not everyone has the same metabolic activities and so the dosage can vary.

When one study says all the above another one has quite the opposite results .In fact it says that fenugreek helps to increase size and strength of testis. And also helps to build the muscle fibers of the reproductive organ.

To sum up, Fenugreek Is a medicinal herb, that has been in use from quite a long time for various other reasons such as diabetes and to increase milk production and therefore, though some have concerns and not any proper research has been proved about the negative side of fenugreek, it can be consumed to increase the level of testosterone in the belief that it will give no side effects.