Lack of testosterone in the body may increase the risk of a heart attack

Many studies around the world have shown that there is a link between hormones and increased risk of a heart attack. Research has shown that deficit of testosterone in the body of a man negatively affects almost all organs. Receptors that are located in testosterone act on blood vessels, and this lack of the principal male hormone can create problems in the whole organism.

Testosterone is created from the onset of puberty in the testes and is considered to be the maximum level reached in the fourth decade of life of man . After forty level of testosterone decline, which is an average of about one percent per year. Those men that belong to that percentage can feel a range of symptoms that can be compared with the symptoms of menopause in women.

The lack of testosterone unfortunately can lead to numerous health consequences such as: rapidly aging blood vessels, narrowing of blood vessels, high blood pressure, all of this can lead even to a heart attack. It is estimated that at the time of a heart attack in men there are very high levels of estrogen and very low level of testosterone present. The lack of testosterone leads to weight gains which lead to decrease of self-esteem.

It is important to mention that there is a significant number of young men who lack testosterone in their bodies which might be a result of their lifestyle .
Stress can act on the central nervous system by blocking the hormone from the pituitary gland which might prevent the testes to produce enough testosterone. Each of the individual factors, such as stressful job, going to sleep after 22 hours (which changes the night secretion of testosterone ), use of marijuana and other stimulants, smoking and alcohol can lead to a drop in the main male hormone in young men.

The importance of regular examinations is enormous, because it helps to find out the level of testosterone in the body and level of the risk.
Try to keep a balanced life, pay attention to diet and keep your mind and body healthy.