Symptoms and side effects of low testosterone

The human body produces testosterone hormone. Mainly it is created in the testicles in men. As a point of fact, this hormone stimulates sperm fabrication and drives man’s sex as well as helps fabricate muscle and bone mass. During puberty, testosterone helps to build man’s muscle, boosts the size of his penis and testes as well as help the men to deepen their voice. Typically, testosterone production decreases as men age and men can face a variety of symptoms if it declines more than it should. Substantially, drastic drop in men’s testosterone level is a natural function of aging. Therefore, some of the symptoms of low testosterone include the following:

Low Sex drive

It is evident that testosterone play a vital role in libido in men and women. Ideally, men may experience some refuse in sex drive as they age. Someone with low testosterone will likely experience a more severe drop in his aspiration to have sex. Therefore, low testosterone affect hormonal along with mood changes and also reduce the sex drive in women.

Difficulty achieving Erection

Testosterone plays a vital role in getting an erection along with stimulating sex drive in men. It motivates receptors in the brain to manufacture nitric oxide which is molecular that helps generate an erection. Essentially, when testosterone altitudes are too low down, a man may have intricacy achieving an erection proceeding to sex.

Low semen volume

Testosterone hormone plays a vital role in the manufacture of sperm, which is ideally the milky liquid that aids in the mobility of sperm. Men with low testosterone will perceive a decline in the quantity of their sperm for the duration of ejaculation.

Hair loss

The fact of the matter is that testosterone plays a vital role in a number of body functions, including hair production. However, essentially, men with low testosterone experience a loss of body along with facial hair.

Fatigue and lack of energy

Extreme fatigue along with a decline in liveliness level has been reported in men with low testosterone.

Loss of weight mass

Testosterone help in building as well as strengthening muscle and men with low testosterone might result in a decline in both weight mass and potency.

Increase body fat

Body fat is increased and experienced in men with low testosterone. They sometimes develop a situation in which they increase enlarged breasts. Sources suggest that testosterone manipulates the manner your body stores fat.

Apart from symptoms of low testosterone, there are also side effects and they include the following;

Low testosterone can also cause insomnia along with other changes in your sleep patterns

It also affects on your emotional level given the fact that this condition can lead to feelings of sadness and overall decreased the sense of well-being and many functions in the body.

In conclusion, testosterone levels decrease in nature over time. Sources suggest that men with low testosterone are more expected to experience irritability, lack of focus as well as depression. Therefore, your physician can carry out a blood test as well as advocate treatment if desired and converse any benefits along with risks.